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One of the biggest benefits of eryone's water washable resin is that it does not require IPA (isopropyl alcohol) for post curing whilst retaining the excellent properties you have come to expect from our standard range of resins.
If you're new to the hobby, you don't need to worry about purchasing and using IPA safely. If you are an experienced user, the post-print cost and time savings are immeasurable.
Eryone water-washable resin is designed to be easy to use, have very low odor and preserve all the detail in your prints, just like our standard resin! have used the same bottle design that our customers love.


  • Easy and efficient cleaning with water

Finished prints are easily washed out in clean water. If you are new to printing, we recommend a two-tray system: wash your print in a container first. If you're new to printing, we recommend a two-tray system: wash your print in a container first Remove most of the excess resin, then use a second container of clean water to remove the rest.

  • Fast curing and high accuracy

It has been formulated to retain excellent detail while maintaining a smooth finish.

  • Minimal odor, good toughness

Our mechanical performance tests have shown that the resin has excellent hardness and durability, with a degree of flexibility making it very durable. As with our standard resin, odor is minimal and contains no harmful VOCs.

  • Good flowability, fast curing

The printing time is greatly reduced due to the good fluidity, no deformation in the molding process, the surface of the prints is very smooth, and you can see that the details are very accurate.


  • Viscosityï¼?00-350MPa-s
  • Band absorptionï¼?85nm-410nm
  • Density: ï¼? .05-1.25g/cm3
  • Result Prints parameters:
  • Kilogram Force: 39.52±10%
  • Tensile Strength: (MPA): 32.89±10%
  • Maximum Bending Strength: (MPa)ï¼?4.748±10%
  • Flexural Modulus: (MPa)ï¼?18.521±10%
  • Impact Strength: (kj/m2): 7.8045±10%
  • Shore hardness: ï¼?5-88D

Storage: Please store this resin in a dry, ventilated space free from corrosive gases and avoid exposure to sunlight and moisture. The best result of the resin can be achieved when it is in 25â"?30â"?


  1. Q: How can I solve the problem of the waste water generated when washing the water-washable resin?

A: Dispose of the effluent in accordance with local environmental regulations and dispose of before discharging the effluent.

  1. Q: The surface of the print becomes whiter after secondary curing. Why?

A: The cause is that the surface of the resin is not thoroughly cleaned.

  1. Q: Do I need to wear gloves when touching resin?

A: Gloves are recommended as allergy sufferers will develop skin allergies after touching the resin. Of course, this is a special group, and there are also many people who directly touch the resin with their hands. In any case, wearing gloves may be safer.

  1. Q: Is there a way to remove the white spot that appears when removing the supports?

A: You can also rub hand cream on the white spot area, it is very effective.

  1. Q: Why are my prints cracking after being stored for some time?

A: The main reasons are that the resin print absorbs moisture and there are resin residues on the outside and inside surfaces of the model. There are some conditions that can cause cracking:

  • The print is hollow, but lacks insulation layers, voids and other improper model data. So the residual resin in the inner surface of the model cannot be removed cleanly.

2) The print is hollow, and there are some residual resin or a mixture of resin and ethyl alcohol, so the inner and outer contractility is not the same.

3) The print is hollow, and there will be some residual water after washing. The resin absorbs the water, expands and cracks.

4) The model is stored in a high humidity environment. The resin absorbs the water, expands and cracks. If the environment in which the model is stored is humid for a long time, we recommend that you remove the moisture regularly to prolong its service life.

  1. Q: The bottom plate warps during printing. Why?

A: The curing time of the bottom layer is insufficient, resulting in poor adhesion between the model and the build platform.

  1. Q: Why does the delamination occur between the bottom and the other layers?

A: The delamination occurs mainly in the model printed by a monochrome screen printer where the exposure time and the exposure time of the lower layer differ too much.

The solution is that under the premise of ensuring the printing pass rate, increasing the number of transition layers or reducing the exposure time of the lower layer during cutting, that is, reducing the difference between the exposure time and the exposure time of the lower layer.

  1. Q: The printing is finished, there is nothing left on the printing platform, but there is cured resin on the release film?

A: Possible reasons: The platform does not pull up the model because the curing time of the lower layer is not enough, and the lifting distance is not large enough, resulting in the model demolding failure.

  1. Q: The clear resin is yellowing, why?

A: Slight yellowing of rigid, transparent resin is normal and can be reduced by reducing exposure time or post-cure time.

  • Yellowing of transparent resin is a normal phenomenon due to problems in the formulation. The degree of yellowing can be reduced by shortening the exposure time or the post-curing time. It is recommended to spray gloss oil on the surface of the model to increase transparency. In addition, we have a more transparent and non-yellowing resin.
  • We recommend placing the model in a clear glass tray filled with water and then placing it in a UV curing box for post-curing. (The performance of the UV curing box is generally high, and it is easy for the model to be baked and oxidized, causing it to turn yellow. Using water to lower the surface temperature of the model can effectively protect the model, and the curing effect will be not significantly affected).
  1. Q: The finished model is easy to break, why?

A: The standard resin and water-washable resin are rigid resins and cannot be used as functional resins. You can only print decorative models. For printing a practical model or workpiece, you should use ABS-like resin, which has higher strength, better toughness and better performance.

  1. Q: If the resin is not used for a long time, delamination will occur. Why?

A: This is normal. The resin formula contains coloring paste that will precipitate and peel off over time. Stirring the resin with a glass rod can allow the resin to return to normal. If the color paste still precipitates after stirring, the resin can no longer be used.

  1. Q: Why does the thin part look so soft?

A: The water washable resin has higher water absorption than other resins. As the resin absorbs moisture, it tends to soften. It is therefore recommended to wash the model, dry it and start post-curing as soon as you have finished printing.

  1. Q: How can I be sure my model has been washed well?

A: After washing and drying, there will be no wet reflective stains.

After secondary curing, the surface color of the model is uniform, with no white or dark spots

  1. Q: I print according to the recommended parameter table, but the printing effect is bad. Why?

A: First, make sure the printer is in a normal working condition. Secondly, the recommended parameters for a specific environment are given, in particular the temperature. Customers need to make adjustments according to the actual ambient temperature. In general, the lower the temperature, the longer the exposure time can be.

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Eryone water washable 3D printer resin 1KG